Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: Mark Pincus

by Scott Edward Walker on July 26th, 2010

To Our Clients & Friends: Welcome to our weekly series entitled “Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed.”  Each week, we post a short video presentation or interview of a successful entrepreneur, investor or business leader on a variety of topics to help entrepreneurs succeed.

This week, we present Mark Pincus, co-founder and CEO of Zynga and a very smart and successful entrepreneur.  First, there is an interesting, four-minute excerpt from Mark’s presentation at Stanford in October 2009 (via Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner), in which Mark discusses (i) mapping a strategy as CEO, (ii) “writing your story” and (iii) negotiating with VC’s. 

As a bonus, we also present Mark’s interview in December 2009 on Charlie Rose.  There is also an interesting article in yesterday’s New York Times discussing Zynga and Mark’s success.  We indeed hope you find the videos and article helpful.  Many thanks, Scott

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