Mother’s Day Tribute: “She’s Always in the Back of My Mind…”

by Scott Edward Walker on May 13th, 2012

Welcome to our weekly series “Motivational Clips for Entrepreneurs.”  Each week, we post a favorite video clip to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs.  Why?  Because we know how tough it is being an entrepreneur; and whether you’re launching a venture, trying to execute your business model or raising funds, you need a little juice to help you push the ball forward.

This week, in tribute to Mother’s Day, I am sharing this special video.  I too lost my mother a few years back, and I too am deeply grateful to her for all she taught me.  My mother was indeed an amazing woman and touched so many lives as a kindergarten and first-grade teacher for 30 years.  I’ll always remember her favorite words of advice to my brother and me: “Be kind and caring to others, and you’ll realize how rewarding life is.”  I miss you, Mom.

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