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Top Ten Posts in 2011

by Scott Edward Walker on December 29th, 2011

Below is a list of my top ten posts in 2011 based solely on pageviews.  Indeed, I was inspired by Chris Dixon and his post of last night (which you should definitely check-out).  Moreover, I’m publishing an eBook with Hyperink entitled The Startup Law Playbook, which should be available shortly.  If you ping me, I’ll send you a free copy (provided that you agree to give me feedback).  Happy New Year!

1.  Legal Checklist for Startups

2.  House Passes Crowdfunding Bill: FAQ’s For Entrepreneurs

3.  What’s It Like Working At A Major New York City Law Firm?

4.  How To Hire A Superstar Engineer For Your Startup

5.  How To Launch A Startup And Avoid Ending-Up In Jail

6.  3 Ways For Startups To Cut Their Legal Fees In Half

7.  What Is A Liquidation Preference?

8.  What Makes A Great Entrepreneur?

9.  What Is A Price-Based Antidilution Adjustment?

10.  What Are Exploding Term Sheets And No-Shop Provisions?


Walker Twitter Highlights: October 30st – November 6th

by Scott Edward Walker on November 7th, 2011

I’m using Twitter as a form of micro-blogging to share interesting blog posts, articles and podcasts relating to entrepreneurship and startups, M&A and legal issues.  Below are my five most popular tweets (via for the past week and a couple of blog-related tweets.  If you’d like to see all of my tweets (or an RSS feed of them), you can do so here.  Cheers, Scott


Legal Checklist for Startups

by Scott Edward Walker on November 2nd, 2011

I’ve been a corporate lawyer for 17+ years, and there are certain fundamental legal mistakes that I’ve seen startups repeatedly make.  Accordingly, I thought it would be helpful to provide a simple checklist for startups, which includes links to prior posts for a more detailed discussion.  (This post was originally published as part of the “Ask the Attorney” series I am writing for VentureBeat.)