Walker Twitter Highlights: August 29th – September 4th

by Scott Edward Walker on September 5th, 2011

I’m using Twitter as a form of micro-blogging to share interesting blog posts, articles and podcasts relating to entrepreneurship and startups, M&A and legal issues.  Below are my five most popular tweets (via bit.ly) for the past week and a couple of blog-related tweets.  If you’d like to see all of my tweets (or an RSS feed of them), you can do so here.  Cheers, Scott

Top 5 Tweets

  1. “Groupon’s IPO lawyers would never have let this memo go out if they had the opportunity to stop it.” –@StevenDavidoff nyti.ms/n2IqaP
  2. “Marc has a view of the entire tech ecosystem that very few people have.” RT @bhorowitz: Nice Economist article on Marc  econ.st/mPbHKn
  3. “I am TechCrunch and TechCrunch is me…There’s no way around it.” –@arrington nyti.ms/ppqsDd
  4. Welcome to big-firm legal fees: “For his time – one-tenth of a legal hour, or six minutes – Bennett earned $97.50…”  nyti.ms/p9p7gC
  5. Incredible must-read for entrepreneurs – Misadventures in VC Funding: The $24 Million Moz Almost Raised (via @randfish)  bit.ly/nzTSZf

Blog-Post Related

  1. Just posted one-minute motivational video via Ray Lewis: “I Know Nobody Is Working As Hard As Me”  bit.ly/qO8nVq
  2. In case you missed it, I just uploaded my new VentureBeat post: Should I Use My Investor’s Lawyer?  bit.ly/o9vVN1


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