Walker Twitter Highlights: July 2nd – 15th

by Scott Edward Walker on July 16th, 2012

I’m using Twitter as a form of micro-blogging to share interesting blog posts, articles and podcasts relating to entrepreneurship and startups, M&A and legal issues.  Below are my five most popular tweets (via bit.ly) for the past two weeks and a few blog-related tweets.  If you’d like to see all of my tweets (or an RSS feed of them), you can do so here.  Cheers, Scott

Top 5 Tweets

  1. Q: When a founder is already worth a billion dollars, why would they need…Venture Capital for a new start-up? A:  http://b.qr.ae/NgQXEd
  2. Solid interview of @SebastianThrun (Udacity) by @Jason: “Learning is so much fun if you do it yourself.” (at 10:45)  http://bit.ly/L0EKVx
  3. Goldman Sachs & the $580 Million Black Hole – rule #1: cash is king. rule #2: don’t rely on ibankers for diligence.  http://nyti.ms/NpKEzl
  4. Interesting chart re VC investments by industry for Q1:  http://bit.ly/OHJJr9
  5. Solid tips re funding: “You need an intro from someone sitting between the founders & the investors.” –@DerekjAndersen  http://tcrn.ch/OH6P0T


  1. New motivational vid post: “How Bad Do You Want It?”  http://bit.ly/PmUSSR
  2. I just uploaded this interesting vid of Ev Williams from 2008:  http://bit.ly/PRwom7
  3. New motivational vid post: “You Just Have to Keep Going, Believing You Will Make It”  http://bit.ly/M7OkWc

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