Walker Corporate Law has created a new business model designed for entrepreneurs and startups looking for an alternative to the big law firms.  Here’s how we are different:

  • We only have senior attorneys. Each member of our team has 10 to 25 years of legal experience. Your project is thus never pushed-down to young, inexperienced lawyers getting on-the-job training because we don’t have any young, inexperienced lawyers.  Instead, your project will be assigned to one partner-level attorney – who will give you the hands-on, personal attention that you’re looking for.  You can learn more about our experienced team.
  • We only do one thing. Unlike the big law firms which have many different departments and practice groups, we are laser-focused on one thing: providing corporate legal services to entrepreneurs and their companies.  Accordingly, we know how to get corporate projects done quickly and efficiently because that’s all we do.  You can check out our complete list of corporate legal services.
  • We love helping entrepreneurs. We recognize that entrepreneurs are a special breed with special needs. That’s why our entire practice is built around helping entrepreneurs and their companies — and that’s why we’re always available (via email or cell) and pride ourselves on our responsiveness.  Indeed, we’ll make introductions; we’ll do fixed fees; we’ll do anything to help entrepreneurs succeed.  You can review our client testimonials and see for yourself.
  • We are lean by design.  We have stripped-out the huge overhead costs of the big law firms (such as expensive office space, large support staffs and highly-paid young lawyers) and are passing the savings on to our clients.  We understand that entrepreneurs and startups are tired of paying their lawyers for needless overhead and overstaffed projects.  You can learn more about our firm’s vision and how we are disrupting the legal profession in this introductory video.