Emerson Malca, CEO & Founder

“I’ve been working with Scott and the team at Walker Corporate Law Group since before we incorporated. An advisor and friend of mine recommended him, and we decided to work with him for his super affordable Startup Package that has everything you need to incorporate your startup from scratch. Ever since, Scott and his team have shown their excellent work and efficiency every single time. They would even reply to my emails right away and 24/7, even from their mobile phones, so I was able to count on them whenever I needed their advice. Being a first-time entrepreneur, I am very inexperienced, but every time I talk to them I know I am going to learn something new.”

Jonathan Baran, CEO & Founder

“For our latest financing round, we started with general business counsel and quickly realized that they would not be able to handle the intricacies of a financing round. That’s why we used Scott Walker and his team for our legal representation. They know startup law! Even though we worked with the team remotely, they were able to make the process easy and seamless. Highly recommended.

Max Friend, CEO and Founder

“Scott Walker and his team, including John Rosenbaum and Thomas Newell, have been amazing legal partners since the beginning of founding our company. Their special focus and expertise in startup issues has proved invaluable as we navigate our growth, and they’ve always provided direct, responsive and thoughtful support. When entrepreneurs ask me for advice on legal representation, I always recommend the Walker Corporate Law Group.

Jeff Mohr, CEO and Co-founder

“As a bootstrapped startup, keeping legal costs under control and predictable while still getting great quality is super important. Scott and his team make this possible. Scott is a great thought partner and has a strong team of lawyers who specialize in the areas we need support (incorporation, trademark, etc.), all of whom have been fast, responsive, and knowledgeable.”

Dr. Wendy Tong, CEO and Founder

“I found Scott and his team through Scott’s wonderful youtube video, “The five most common legal mistakes made by entrepreneurs” which has become a “must see” when I talk to fellow founders and entrepreneurs. I used the startup package that is most affordably priced at $2500 for setting up my company. I had unlimited calls and emails with John Rosenbaum and with Scott himself as part of this package. They were always prompt in responding (even in the middle of the night) and had great advice consistently. They also gave me all-star referrals in other areas needed for establishing the company. Since Scott and his team exclusively work with startups and entrepreneurs, they understand what it’s like to be a founder. Other firms will end up charging you an arm and leg and may even ask for equity. One of the most attractive things about the startup package is that for an early stage startup, you can keep this part of your attorney’s fees capped.”

Michael Balyasny, CEO & Co-Founder

“We’ve had a great experience working with Scott and his team; they’ve been an invaluable resource and are extremely supportive. From pre-incorporation advice to helping with our angel round of financing, Walker Corporate Law Group has handled all our legal needs. I love their flat-fee startup package, and they don’t nickel and dime their client and often respond to emails in minutes! I’ve recommended Scott to several people already and will continue to do so.”

Justin Kahn, Co-founder and CEO

“I have had lots of experience in the LA scene with attorneys from the largest firms down to sole proprietorships, and I have to say we have a real asset in Los Angeles with Scott Edward Walker. He and his team have both the knowledge and experience to guide you through all phases of your startup and does so in a most cost-effective manner.”

Mike Hostetler, CEO & Founder

“We were impressed by several things from Scott Edward Walker and his team. First, their response time was fantastic. When we had a question, they were right there to answer it. Second, we work directly with our lawyer. At other law firms, we never quite knew who we were working with and where the time was going. Third, we love the up-front pricing. I’m more than happy to pay any bill that Scott sends us because I know the value that we’re getting. We really enjoy working with Walker Corporate Law and would highly recommend them to other companies, large and small.”

Stephen Munive, CEO & Founder

“Scott and his team have been incredible at helping me with my startup from day one. The response time has always been quick. The detailed answers to all our questions have impressed us very much. Their knowledge, advice, and professionalism have kept us on the right track. Even when dealing with his team members individually, Scott was copied on all emails and it was nice to know that I had his support at any time. I can tell Scott loves what he does. The team he has assembled is top notch and will continue to work with Scott on all things legal.”

Michael Burk, CEO & Founder

“Scott and his team provide top-notch legal services without the unnecessary overhead of a big firm. Our company is entirely self-funded, and much of our success has been the result of Scott’s practical and deliberate guidance throughout the process. We simply would not be where we are today without the help of Scott and his team. I can’t speak highly enough of their experience, skills and value (although that doesn’t stop me from trying every chance I get).”

Kitae Kwon, Founder & CEO

“We worked with Scott and his team from pre-incorporation, and they are extremely efficient, responsive and knowledgeable. I am constantly (and pleasantly) impressed by their excellent legal advice. First, they saved me a couple of times from possible unsavory investors. Second, they introduced me to multiple partners, and I learned that excellent people always leads to other excellent people. Third, their service is top-notch and affordable. Thus, I think I’m getting the best of both worlds, and I do not need to compromise the quality of the legal service because of the budget. Of course, you can use online legal services and find cheaper firms. But believe me, I have been there and done that, and you only waste a lot of money and time later fixing the problems.”

Richard Fawal, CEO & Co-Founder

“Scott Edward Walker and his team have been indispensable in helping me and my co-founders properly establish and structure our Internet startup. We’ve gone from idea to launch in six months thanks to their sage guidance and efficient implementation. In addition to knowing everything there is to know about startups, entrepreneurship, angel investing and venture capital, Scott does an outstanding job of explaining it to those of us who are new to this world. Now my knowledge impresses everyone I meet, and I credit the great folks at Walker Corporate Law Group for making me an expert, too.”

Andrew B. Einhorn, M.S., CEO & Co-Founder

We left a big firm to work with Scott and his team and have never looked back. They are highly skilled, fair in their billing practices, understand the needs of developing businesses, and look for creative solutions to problems instead of simply throwing billable hours at it. We can now take a deep breath knowing that our legal affairs are in order and that someone is keeping an eye on the unexpected legal issues that can take a small business by surprise.”

Sumaya Kazi, Founder & CEO

“I’ve had a great experience working with Walker Corporate Law Group. Scott really understands what it is entrepreneurs have to deal with, and he has the experience and know-how to handle legal issues that happen at different stages of a company’s growth. I admire his thought leadership in the industry, as well as his dedication to entrepreneurs. He’s responsive, timely, smart and an all-around great guy. Scott has helped Sumazi, Inc. immensely and I would recommend his firm in a heartbeat.”

Jim Gitney, CEO

“Scott and I have worked together for 2 1/2 years. He is the corporate attorney for both of my companies. We have undertaken some very thorny issues including a major financial restructuring. I have the utmost trust in Scott’s counsel, and also know that he will tell me what I need to know and not be focused on what I want to hear.”

Michael Feldman, Co-Founder & former CEO
(currently CEO of Parabellum Collection Inc.)

Scott has managed several different issues for me in the past, including incorporation, standard business up-keep, licensing agreements and an acquisition. He is knowledgeable about a very wide gamut of issues relating to business law, and a truly competent attorney. And, most importantly, he is an honest and reasonable man who gives very good advice on issues both big and small.

Sam Lee, CEO

We were fortunate to work with Scott on the sale of our privately-held company to a public company. The issues and structure of the transaction were complex, and spanned over 8 long months. Scott was invaluable to the process and getting a difficult deal done.”

Lesa Wallace, Founder and CEO

Scott represented my company in an angel financing and did a great job. The original term sheet presented by the angels required the issuance of preferred stock; however, Scott was able to push back and convince the investors and their lawyer to just require convertible notes. He also negotiated much better terms for me. I highly recommend him and his firm.”

Albert Bezjian, Founder & CEO

Scott represented me in selling my mid-sized food company. Scott was always available and kept me informed about tax laws and benefits, and pointed items not in my favor that the buyer had been asking for. Scott tried to minimize the work necessary to complete the merger, as the buyer’s lawyers were trying to drag-out the deal to make their billing hours larger…

I was very satisfied with the courteous service, and would recommend Mr. Walker with NO hesitation. I will be selling another company in a few months, and I can only think of Scott to represent me.”

Lou Sokolovskiy, Managing Partner
Genero Capital Partners

I have worked with Scott on a few different occasions, and he successfully managed to bring his big firm experience to smaller deals. The main reason why I’d keep using Scott’s services in the future is because of his business judgment. I feel strongly that in Mergers & Acquisitions good business judgment is even more important that legal knowledge, and I’d rate Scott in both of these fields as a perfect ten.”

Jonathan Mafrice, Co-Founder & CEO

We brought Scott in on a very involved partnership issue with much history. He was able to sift through all the contracts and review then rewrite our contracts to our benefit. I felt that he was very efficient and his follow up was excellent. Time was of the essence and he came through to our complete satisfaction.”