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Back to New York City: How I Came Full Circle

by Scott Edward Walker on February 2nd, 2011


I began my legal career as a corporate associate at two major law firms in New York City.  After nearly eight years, however, I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life helping entrepreneurs (like my father).  I also saw a big problem in the legal marketplace — i.e., that the big-firm template generally doesn’t work for entrepreneurs and startups.  Accordingly, in 2005, I moved to California — the land of the entrepreneurs — to try to solve this problem and launched Walker Corporate Law.

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What’s It Like Working at a Major New York City Law Firm?

by Scott Edward Walker on January 26th, 2011


About once a week, I receive an email or phone call from a law school student asking for career advice and specifically inquiring what it’s like working at a major New York City law firm (as I did for nearly eight years).  I discuss below the good, the bad and the ugly.